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Furnace Safety

Here are few tips to make sure your heating season is safe:
  1. Have a qualified HVAC technician perform a preventative maintenance check and clean your furnace on a regular basis
  2. Check all furnace automatic controls and emergency shutoffs to make sure they are in good working condition
  3. Only have qualified HVAC technicians work on your furnace. Do not attempt any furnace repairs unless you are qualified
  4. Make sure that the technician checks the walls and ceiling near the furnace and flue.
  5. Flue pipes should be checked to make sure they are well supported, free of any holes/punctures and clean
  6. Your chimney should be checked to make sure it is solid with no cracks or loose bricks. All flue openings that are not being used should be sealed with solid masonry
  7. Keep any combustible storage or trash a safe distance away from your heating system
Furnace Safety